8 Panel Christmas Brochure

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Please fill in the design brief below so that we have all the details we need to customise an 8 panel Christmas brochure for your church

Some questions for you...

1. Which predesigned template would you like to have customised?
2. Which is the right fit for your church?
3. Would you like your logo included on your postcard?

Your logo must be supplied as a hi-resolution file (preferably eps). To maintain the integrity of the template design your logo will be converted to the solid colour shown in the template preview.

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4. Would you like any corresponding advertising materials?

OK, let's gather your content...

Please download this sample 8 panel brochure to give you a better picture of what goes where, as well as our suggested content ideas. Feel free to not follow our suggestions and  creative with your content but please do stick to the word limits and make it very clear what text/images you want to go in the correct panels.

When you are ready, you can fill in each of the boxes below with all of your content. We'd suggest preparing to do this beforehand by creating a word document and then copy/paste text here into this form, just in case you change your mind or lose something along the way before you finish!

Please upload your own image files below otherwise we will use stock images of our designer's own choosing.

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Woo! You did it! Well done!

Now you can sit back, relax and wait for your beautiful brochure to arrive for your review!


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