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Choose one of our budget friendly, predesigned Christmas banners. We'll customise the content for you and then have it printed and delivered right to your door! 

Our banners are 300cm long x 100cm high. If you need a custom sized banner please contact us with all the details and we'll send you a quote.

STEP 1: 

Choose Your Design

#1 Christmas

Themed Banner

  • The colours, layout and design are set

  • Your service details can be customised

Christmas Banner.png

#2 Simple Themed Banner

  • The layout and design is set

  • The colours will be changed to match your branding

  • Your logo will be included

Simple Banner.png





STEP 2: 

Place Your Order

After reading the important info, please fill out the order form by clicking the button below.  


Remember, our banners are 300cm long x 100cm high. If you need a custom sized banner please don't fill in this order form.Instead, contact us with all the details and we'll get back to you.


  • Submitting an order is a commitment to pay a minimum of the design fee for customising your predesigned template choice

  • Christmas banners are available for a limited time (obviously!) -  15th October to 10th December. We must receive your design brief, all written content and logo/attachments BEFORE this closing date.

  • Customisation of pre-designed templates is limited to content (contact details and church service details) and logo insertion. We'll do our very best to accommodate the details of your Christmas services, but please be aware that there is limited space available for this content.

  • We can not guarantee that another church will not have the same design! If this is a problem, please complete a general design brief.

  • Please note, we are unable to commence work on your banner until you have provided all finalised content and logo files (if applicable).

  • After we have customised your banner we'll send it to you so that you can proof check the content. We will then finalise the artwork and send it to print. It is your responsibility to check the final proof for any mistakes before going to print.

  • Once your design has been finalised, please allow up to 3-4 working days for delivery of your printed banner. Please be aware that due to Covid-19 there are national delivery delays that are out of our control! We will do our best to keep you up to date on the arrival of your banner.

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