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Please be aware we do our absolute best to provide you with a design within the timeframe requested. However, we do ask that you allow up to 5 working days between confirming your quote and receiving an initial draft. Printing lead times then begin after final artwork approval.

If you require a design sooner than that, you may incur a 15% priority design fee. 

But, we'll do our best, notify you, and we'll be nice about it!

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Design Requirements

Please select any and all design projects required. For example, if the design is to promote an event at your church you might require postcard advertising material + A3 Poster + Signage + Facebook banner)


If you are not 100% sure of your requirements just select what seems most likely and let us know any comments or questions you have in the box below.


NB. Our standard recommendation for general printed advertising is a double-sided A6 postcard

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Just a few more questions...

What is the design context?
Is all written content for this project finalised at this stage?

(Please note, we will need to be provided with all finalised written content before we can commence the project)

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If you do not have a set deadline please provide a rough timeframe that you'd like to see the project completed by.

Please provide at least two weeks for design work to be done - printing can then take up to 10 working days to be delivered (depending on quantity!).


We aim to have design done well before two weeks, however we can not guarantee it unless you are willing to pay a 20% surcharge on top of the final cost. 

Can you provide us with a hi-res version of your logo?
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If requesting printed material, would you like us to organise to have it printed and delivered to you?

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We'll review the information you have provided us with and will be in touch ASAP.  Just a couple of quick things to note:

  • Quotes and hourly rates do not include any stock image costs, which (if required) we try to keep to a maximum of $25.

  • We will provide you with a detailed project timeframe to accommodate your requested project deadline. This timeframe will include a date by which all finalised material must be provided and dates by which any edits must be submitted.

  • We include two editing/proofing phases into our projects (ie. we'll invite you to review the initial draft and provide any edits, and then we'll invite you to do a final proof before project completion). Any additional editing will be charged in addition at $70p/h (in half hour increments).

  • Our quotes do not include multiple design options (please let us know below if you require this) and so at the time of commencing the project we will facilitate you providing us with as much information as possible regarding the type of aesthetic/design vibe you are after so that we are on the same page.

  • ​For very large projects, quotes may be broken down into several stages.


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