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Help Us Design Your New Logo

​If you have a mission/vision statement that you would like included in the full version of the logo, please distinguish that from the actual entity's name

​If you need some inspiration for colour schemes, you might like to have an explore here: ​

For example:

  • "We really like the idea of incorporating the visual idea of growth into our new logo"

  • "We prefer to have a strong typographic logo without a separate visual icon/element"

Please provide samples of different logos (provide files or screenshots) that you find appealing (or not) and brief  comments on why you like or dislike this particular logo. Think about colours, feel, structure etc.

Would you like us to produce a branding style guide for you?

A style guide is a document which details the correct application of your new branding. It provides specific examples of how your logo should and should not be used, your colour scheme, logo font details etc. They are very helpful for maintaining the consistency of your new logo and branding.

What words best describe the type of aesthetic (vibe!) that you'd like the design to reflect? Select up to 5... and don't think too hard about it!

Are Any Other Design Deliverables Required?

Branding Design
Accompanying Branded Printed Design
Accompanying Branded Outdoor Signage
Accompanying Branded Digital Design

Please keep in mind that logo design requires multiple rounds of development and feedback, and so is not often a quick process. Your prompt feedback will assist in keeping the process moving.


Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch very soon to discuss getting started.

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