Online Church



In this current moment, social media is your most effective tool to invite people to join you at church on a Sunday.

We've designed a range of gorgeous social media templates for you to promote your online services. While these images can certainly be posted on your church's own facebook page & website, they have also been designed for your congregation members to share on their social media accounts as a personal invitation to their friends to join them at church.

All the images, layout, titles and fonts have been predetermined.

So all you need to do is:

  1. Select your favourite design

  2. Purchase it (there is a space for you to let us know the URL you'd like us to use)

  3. That's it! We'll do the rest and send the completed image to you ASAP

Jesus 1.png

If you would like additional customisation of any of these designs, or would like us to create your own custom design from scratch, please send us a custom design brief instead.