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Before commencing the design process, please click here to read the important details of what you will be receiving as a finished product!

Please note: This design brief is for those who are ready to begin the website design process with Virtual Church Assist. If you are after a website design quote, check out our price guide here.

To begin, we do need a fair amount of information from you - this might take a few days for you to put together. Please don't submit this design brief until you have prepared and collated all the info and are ready to go.  


The brief is broken into the following sections:

Contact details (the easy bit!)

How your website will function
     - Framework and structure of your website
     - Desired functionality of your website

How your website will look
     - Describing your preferred aesthetic
     - Gathering hints from other websites you do (and don't!) like
     - Colour scheme/s
     - Photographs

The content for your website
​     - Uploading your logo
     - Uploading your style/branding guide if applicable
     - Uploading or locating the text content for your new website

Contact Details

How Your Website Will Function

The structure/framework of your website is of primary importance. We are unable to begin the design process until you have determined your requirements in this area.

NB. Once we have handed the website over to you, you'll be able to make whatever changes you like to the content and actual website structure yourself (including moving, adding and deleting pages). In other words, what you send us now should be the result of thoughtful reflection of your needs now, but it won't set your website structure in cement for all time!

We need you to provide us with something similar to the adjacent diagram in which:

  • every box represents an individual page/section on your website (ie. total number of boxes = total number of pages)

  • each hierarchical level is represented  by a different colour

Upload File

NB. Apart from being able to make one or two structural changes along the way, this document will provide the basis for our design process.

You can produce a diagram like the one above by:

  • Visiting - a super easy WYSIWYG online editor (no downloads required). Just draw your diagram and then go to File > Export > PDF

  • Using excel, word or another software program and exporting it as a pdf

  • Hand drawing the diagram and scanning it to pdf

2. Other functionality requests
Please let us know what kind of other functionality you'd like included in your new website:

We'd like to have the following functionality

How Your Website Will Look

3. What words best describe the type of aesthetic (vibe!) you'd like your website to reflect? (Select up to 4)

We'd like it to be:

4. Please copy and paste the URLs of 1-3 different websites which you find appealing (either visually and/or structurally, etc) and provide some brief comments as to what you particularly like about them.
NB. They don't have to be church websites!

5. Are there any websites which you really DON'T

like for one reason or another?

6. Take a look at this link right here and you'll see lots of colour schemes.

  • ​Find one (or more) that you like (don't spend too long looking - the options are endless)

  • Run your mouse over it and click 'copy link'

  • Paste the link(s) in the box adjacent

7. It is not an exaggeration to say that good photographs can make or break a church website! We are going to need some to incorporate into your site design - the more we have to select from, the better.

  • If you do already have a significant collection of photos please upload them to Drop Box or another file sharing utility and put the access URL in the box below.

  • If you do not yet have a significant collection of photos we strongly encourage you to find someone in your congregation who has some photographic skills and can visit a range of your ministries/gatherings to put together a collection for you. We'll need access to these ASAP.

Your website's content

8. We'll need a copy of your logo.

Please upload it below (preferably a hi resolution and transparent version)

Upload File

9. Do you have a style/branding guide? If so, please upload it below.

Upload File

10. We'll need you to provide us with the text you want us to populate the pages of your website with.

Do you want us to use the content: *
Upload File

NB. If you selected for us to use the content found on your existing website, we will do just that! Any changes you wish to make to the content will need to be done after we have handed the site over to you. If you want to make changes to the content now please select the other option of sending us a word document with the full content for your website.

Phew! You're done! Unless...

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch very soon to discuss getting started.

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