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Good photographs can make a huge impact on a church website! We are going to need some to incorporate into your site design - the more we have to select from, the better.

If you do already have a significant collection of photos, that's great! We will ask you to please upload them to Dropbox or another file sharing utility and provide the access URL.

If you do not yet have a significant collection of photos, we strongly encourage you to find someone in your congregation who has some photographic skills and can visit a range of your ministries/gatherings to put together a collection for you. Now is a good time to start preparing for this.

From here, we will contact  you to discuss a little further what you are after. 

 We will then provide a quote, as well a proposal and agreement for you to sign in order to begin the web design project. We will also provide you with information regarding our process and a timeline for your website.  


Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch very soon to discuss getting started.

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