Our mission at Virtual Church Assist is to use our gifts for the glory of God by supporting churches and ministry organisations so they can focus on what matters most. 



In 2015, Sam Jensen was looking for part-time administrative work online when she noticed multiple jobs advertised for christian organisations that needed only a couple of hours per week support, but required the administrator to be onsite at the office.  After remarking this to her husband he replied, "you could do those jobs with your eyes closed and your hands tied behind your back... and from home". 

Out of that conversation, the motivation was sparked and  idea was born.


After much prayer and many conversations to really understand, and best meet the need, Sam used her administrative experience to begin Virtual Church Assist. Within three months, four contracts had been signed with churches across NSW and  the team had grown to two additional administrators as well as a graphic designer to expand the services offered.  


 Today we continue to build on that momentum and serve churches and ministry organisations Australia-wide with administrative, design, communications, events support and more. 



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