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Virtual Church Assist (VCA) is an Australian agency of administrative assistants and designers, committed to supporting churches to allow ministry to grow.

With a team full of experienced Christian professionals, VCA is ready to help you and your church.

VCA started out of the desire to support churches and ministry organisations with their administrative needs. Founder Samantha Jensen was looking for impactful admin work that would enable her to use her skills while still remaining flexible to raise her family. While searching for this, she noticed how many churches were requiring on-site help for a few hours of work that could be done remotely.


After much prayer and conversation, Sam used her administrative experience to begin Virtual Church Assist! Within three months, four churches had signed on to work with VCA, and their team had expanded to include two additional administrators as well as a graphic designer.


The Virtual Church Assist Team

Today VCA has a growing team of expert admin assistants and graphic and web designers, all working remotely to serve churches and ministries around Australia. Our services take care of every administrative need for churches and provide print, digital and web design.


VCA has worked with over 250 churches Australia-wide and our team has broad expertise not just in churches, but also in schools, corporate companies and more. When you work with VCA, you’re working with a Christian in a local church, who is using their gifts and skills to support and enable ministry to grow throughout Australia.

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Serving churches and ministries around Australia

Our focus on churches means our goal is to make the lives of you and your team easier. We understand the value of what you do, and know that admin can feel like it takes over more important tasks. We want to help free up your time so that you can focus on your people and your ministries.


Our team have vast experience and skills, and are passionate about using their gifts to enable and support churches and ministry organisations for the growth of God's Kingdom. Whether you need ongoing administrative support provided by  a virtual member of your team, a one-off design project for a special event or something in between, we can help.

At VCA we are driven by three core values

Firstly, we are Christ-centred. Being Christ-centered for the VCA team applies to all aspects of our work and life. Every team member personally has an active faith and church membership, and approaches their work with Christ and His mission at the forefront.


Secondly, we are passionate about working with churches and ministry organisations specifically. When you work with VCA you get a dedicated team member who understands your church or ministry and is just as invested in it as you are.


Thirdly, we seek efficiency and excellence in all our work. We aim to simplify the day-to-day of your church, and help reduce the burden and chaos so many pastors feel. Our team are experienced and professional, applying ourselves to your work to the best of our ability.  


Take back your time for the purpose of ministry and relieve the stress of admin and design.

Work with Virtual Church Assist today!

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