$45/hour is a lot. Why is it more than what I'd pay someone to come in and work at church?

​With Virtual Church Assist you only pay for the minutes worked - not the cups of tea, office chatter, toilet breaks and printer jams! What you pay for is the time it took to do the work and nothing more. On top of this, you don't have to pay super, overtime, leave entitlements or the costs that go with hiring staff and maintaining systems. We use our own laptops, printers, stationary, software services and so cover more of those ongoing costs

How do I know you've correctly calculated the hours you've worked for me?

Any time spent doing work for you is monitored through online timekeeping software set up for your unique church or organisation. When you receive an invoice from us, you're able to query the break down of tasks (eg. PA to Senior Pastor, putting together church PowerPoint) if you want clarification for why the cost has been incurred.

We provide you with an estimate of how many hours we believe the work you require done will take. In return we ask you for a budgetted maximum number of hours so we can help keep to your budget. This way we can notify you if our work hours get close to this amount, helping you manage your budget as well as prioritise our time. ​

What's the process after I enquire for VCA services?

Once you fill in an enquiry form, you will receive a response via email within 24 hours. Depending on your needs, we may have to arrange a time to discuss further exactly what you are after. Following this we provide an outline of what we can do, as well as a proposal and quote for your approval. See our process here.

Do you do one-off, small tasks?

Yes! We don't see any task as too small and are always happy to help churches and ministry organisations with whatever is needed to better support their work, however quick and simple or large and time-consuming.

Are you christians?

​Yes! We are bible-believing, church-going followers of Jesus who are committed to the growth of his kingdom by using our gifts and experience to help churches and christian organisations grow and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If I sign up for a monthly package, am I locked into a contract?

We ask that you commit to a three-month contract to establish a good working relationship with us. After that point, you are free to cancel at anytime by providing 6 weeks' notice.

Got another question? Just ask us!