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Get ongoing design support for your church

Need more than a one-off design project? We offer ongoing design retainers to help you stay on top of your material for Sunday services, advertising ministries and events, website graphics, social media images and more.


Having a designer work with you each week enables you to outsource announcement slides, social media graphics, event design or whatever you need, when you need it. Plus your designer acts like one of your team, learning about your church and even anticipating your design needs over time. Ultimately, they can save you time and stress, all while helping your church stand out visually through their communications.

How it works


Churches are large organisations with small teams, and we get that all too well! Our designers aim to relieve you from the stress of doing your own design work, while also producing compelling assets for you. They become an extension of your team whether on an ongoing basis or seasonal one-off projects.


  1.  You enquire and select an amount of hours you need per month

  2. We match you with a VCA designer to act as a part of your team

  3. Your designer works within that time to create what designed material you need, whether for print or online

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