Church Emails Your People Will Want To Read

Here's how to make sure you're not wasting your time writing an email that won't even be opened!

When I think of email, I don't typically think of it being 'cutting edge', but year after year, it is still one the most engaging forms of digital communication. In fact, for 77% of people, it's their preferred method channel for promotional material [1]. It's for this very reason that we as churches need to work hard to produce helpful emails for our people and make it easy for them to open and to read. 

Here are a few tips to creating emails your people will actually want to read:

Have a purpose for the email

Start with the end in mind. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve by sending out this email. 

Is it to get people to sign up for a particular event? Then focus the email around that event (and cut out everything else) and make sure you provide a link so they can register online for the event. If they can't register for the event online, don't promote it via email. You want people not just to be informed but for them to be able to act.

Is it to share an encouraging story? Limit the contents of that email to the story, thus keeping the focus on your purpose.

Think about your audience

Before you even start to prepare you email ask yourself 'Who needs to receive this?'. Sometimes people could be better served by not receiving an email.

For instance: There is no point in sending an email about an upcoming parents seminar if your church is 80% single. Better to send to that segment rather than the whole list.