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Task Manager: Todoist

Keeping track of all the tasks involved with church admin can be a full-time job in itself. Thankfully there are lots of software options out there to help with this.

If you want a simple to-do list that has good team collaboration features, Todoist is a possible option.

It is a simple, yet powerful task manager. It works by grouping tasks under different Projects, then applying Labels to help sort through later. You can then allocate tasks to certain people on your team, and have conversations via a comment thread on each task. Filters can also be used to list all tasks matching a specific set of criteria (e.g. all tasks due next week, or labelled Website).

Some of the key features that make it worth considering

  1. It has good collaboration features. Commenting on tasks, tagging people, and allocating tasks can all be done easily from in the app, which keeps discussion on topic and reduces the number of emails it takes to get tasks done.

  2. It is compatible across all operating systems (Windows, Apple, Android, and in your web-browser of choice). This is important because you won’t run into the issue of someone not being able to access tasks because they have a particular type of phone or laptop.

  3. It integrates well with Gmail and Outlook. Once you have the extensions installed, you can add tasks directly from an email in Gmail or Outlook. Then when you look at that task you can access the email by clicking on the task - even if it’s hidden down the bottom of your list of emails.

  4. A small but significant feature is the Todoist’s ability to recognise reminders or due dates in natural typing. For example you could create a task and type ‘Call Sam to discuss VCA ideas tomorrow at 10am (or even tom 10am)’ and it will create a task ‘Call Sam to discuss VCA ideas’ with a due date and time of ‘tomorrow at 10am’. This feature really helps with the flow of adding tasks quickly, without needing to open the calendar or clock to set the date and time you need the reminder.

Todoist is priced very competitively (click here to view), and if your church has non-profit status, they offer 50% off the annual amount per user.

Image and video obtained from Doist's press section here.


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