Sam Jensen

Samantha Jensen


With experience working in administration roles in churches, as well as for both secular and christian organisations, Sam is a committed Christian who wants to help churches take care of the 'behind-the-scenes' jobs so that Pastors are freed up to do their most important tasks.

Married to Dave (a Pastor himself), Sam works from home where she also cares for their children. Sam started VCA  to help churches and ministries flourish without the burden of disorganised and chaotic administration, as well as to help train and resource pastors and staff to increase their productivity, and subsequently their joy in the ministry/workplace. 


Malina Mumbi

Design Team Manager

Malina has over 10 years experience as a Graphic Designer. Having worked for  Large Corporates and Christian Not-for-Profits. Malina brings great knowledge to the team around branding, concept design and layout. In her local church she serves by managing all design and publications. Malina is a committed Christian, married to Julius and they have 3 children. In her spare time you will find her cooking, drinking good coffee with friends or Op-shopping!!! 

Malina looks forward to being able to help churches design collateral that communicates their message well, whilst being aesthetically engaging.

Amanda Hunter_edited_edited.jpg

Amanda Hunter

Senior Administrative Assistant

Amanda has over 12 years of administrative experience working as a personal assistant and project administrator and 4 years working with Virtual Church Assist. Despite taking a break from formal work to raise her three boys, she has spent this time indulging her love of all things admin by serving in her church, organising rosters and logistics, and sitting ​on the Parish Council. 

Amanda has a passion to see people use their talents; especially encouraging ministers to focus on their gift of preaching and teaching and let go of the admin tasks. She is keen to assist in utilising the most appropriate tools for your church to ensure administrative tasks are taken care of efficiently and seamlessly. 


Laura Smith

Administrative Assistant

Having worked for Anglican Youthworks coordinating admin, events and managing compliance data for SRE, Laura understands well the ins and outs of all kinds of admin when it comes to ministry! With experience in Kids and Youth ministry in a small parish as well as in larger parishes, she understands the different administrative needs of churches in different contexts, as well as the importance of good systems to support ministry. Laura is passionate about making small, manageable system changes to create huge results in ministry efficiency and joy! 

Laura is currently studying at Moore College with a desire to pursue full time vocational ministry and has been involved in, and is training for, ministry in both Parish and para-church ministries for a number of years.

Annette 1_edited.jpg

Annette Davis

Administrative Assistant

Annette has over 20 years experience as an Executive and Personal Assistant in the commercial world and with Christian organisations doing everything from managing large events to folding the weekly bulletins for churches. She likes to work closely and collaboratively with her clients to find out how she can make their life easier. Annette has been married to Glenn for almost 35 years and they have 2 adult sons. They both serve at their local Anglican church where they have been members for almost 20 years.

Anna BW.jpg

Anna Cox

Administrative Assistant

Anna has been around churches her whole life and been serving on ministry teams for many years. She is passionate about helping churches and Christian organisations run smoothly.

With a professional background in editing, attention to detail is her specialty and she enjoys anything that involves proofreading and correcting punctuation. 

When she’s not working, she’s looking after her four kids, watching bad tv with her husband Matt and enjoying all the perks associated with living in Newtown.

Alice 2_edited.jpg

Alice Frost

Administrative Assistant

Alice is passionate about using her administrative skills to support others. She loves that admin can be relational, not just practical. She enjoys getting alongside people to figure out what processes or tasks they would most benefit from, and then putting those into action. She is thankful to be able to serve churches and Christian organisations in this way.

In her spare time, Alice loves to eat pizza, ocean-gaze and spend time with her cats!​


Tamara Robson

Administrative Assistant

Tamara has been a part of small churches & big churches, ministry to young people & ministry to the hurting. She has been on the ministry team in a paid capacity in the past, and currently plays a role as a layperson who loves to be involved where ever she can. These experiences have shown her the importance of having staff that are well supported with administrative systems that work, and she is passionate about meeting the needs of churches to see that communities are served, ministers are free to care for their flock, and stress is relieved as much as possible. 

When she's not working, Tamara is studying a Masters of Pastoral Counselling, hanging out with her husband drinking coffee or stand up paddle boarding in her hometown of Wollongong, playing with the dogs and cats, or reading a good book.

Sarah BW.jpg

Sarah Chew

Administrative Assistant

Sarah had a corporate consulting role for 4 years where she got to come up with sustainable solutions for a range of complex problems, before switching gears to a ministry apprenticeship where she had the joy of witnessing God’s work in the lives of his people. She is keen to help ministry teams better serve the people placed in their ministries by taking admin tasks off their often full plates, and loves seeing the ways God is working through various churches even from her background vantage point.

She is currently training for full-time vocational ministry at Moore College while serving in Kids Ministry at church. Outside of work and studies, you can probably find her exploring various parts of Sydney, dreaming up new flavour combinations to bake or checking out the latest K-drama

Fiona BW.jpg

Fiona Volke

Administrative Assistant

From the suburbs of Sydney to the heart of London, Fiona has served and worked in
churches and church organisations of various sizes and denominations. With over 20
years’ experience in administration, office and project management, church
coordination, communications and marketing, she is a self-proclaimed ‘specialist
generalist’ who can turn her hand to just about anything your church needs.

Fiona has seen firsthand how good administration and preparation reduce stress and
free people up to concentrate on frontline gospel work. She can spot a typo at 20
paces (both a blessing and a curse!), and loves bringing clarity to communications,
and peace to process (she also loves alliteration).

A few years ago, a pandemic puppy tumbled into her life and so she now spends her time hanging out with her favourite furry friend and telling anyone who’ll listen how he’s taught her more about Jesus (seriously).

Kath Thornhill.jpg

Kathryn Thornhill

Administrative Assistant

Kathryn has over 20 years’ experience in administration and marketing and has worked in both Christian and secular organisations. Having also served as church administrator in a voluntary capacity, she understands the needs of ministry, both in small and large churches. She has a passion for getting tasks done well and efficiently and finds great joy in her work. 

When she's not working, Kathryn is either studying at bible college, spending time with her husband (a pastor), having fun with her two teenage kids or going for a run. Having been born and raised in Western Australia, Kathryn loves all things warm and coastal. Now that she lives in Coonabarabran, she is learning to love the cold and the country!


Kathy Zhao

Associated Freelance Designer 

Kathy has been working as a Graphic Designer for the last twelve years, seven of which as a Freelance Designer. She has worked with clients from an array of industries including Corporate, Events and Not-for-Profit organisations. Kathy is a committed Christian and has served in Children’s and Youth Ministry, Music Ministry and part of the Branding Team at her local church. Through design, Kathy hopes that the Gospel can be shared with more people!

Outside of work, Kathy loves to travel and also dabbles in a bit of photography!


Georgia Condie

Associated Freelance Designer

Having worked in both a church context, and for various Christian organisations, Georgia has experience designing with the gospel in mind! She is passionate about churches communicating well, and having the right tools to do so. With a degree in Visual Communication from The University of Technology, Sydney, Georgia is well-equipped to design material that is both effective and aesthetic.