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7 Reasons To Consider Support from Virtual Church Assist

Not sure if remote assistance is the right fit for you?

Here are 7 reasons why other churches and ministry organisations love working with us.  

1. We're in the business of efficiency and excellency

Virtual Church Assist caters to you and your organisational needs by doing specific tasks when needed, and doing them properly the first time around. We understand the value of being productive and want to help free up your time so that you can focus on your people and ministries. Our team is made up of a variety of people with different skills and experience, who are all passionate about enabling and supporting churches and ministry organisations to do the work that matters most. 

2. We're a sustainable and cost-effective temporary and part-time staffing solution 

Without VCA, much of the work we do would be done with part-time or temporary staff increasing staff turnover and hiring and training costs. VCA offers a dedicated person committed to your church's goals and vision long-term, reducing your staff turnover and removing overhead costs of superannuation, leave entitlements or sick leave. We make sure the work gets done in the hours you've agreed upon, all with the flexibility to meet a pastors non-traditional schedule. 

3. We're a predictable alternative to volunteers

While it can seem easier and ultimately more cost effective to use willing church volunteers to take care of many ongoing and crucial tasks, their personal nature can ultimately impact the work. Due to holidays, timing constraints, sickness, church changes or even scheduling and situation changes, volunteers are often unable to consistently produce the work you need. With VCA the work is guaranteed to be completed, without you having to think twice about it!

4. We're easier to hire and fire

While it's unpleasant to think about having to remove a volunteer or staff member or ask them to step down, it's even more uncomfortable to experience. If circumstances change or you aren't happy with the way things are being done, letting go of VCA doesn't disrupt your culture or ministries. 

5. We fill short-term, season specific needs - as well as ongoing work

We know that there are some seasons that have work and some that don't, help your church budget by only paying for the work you need and nothing more. We work with lots of churches that only need a little bit here or there and have experience in understanding your unique needs and requirements, even for short projects or work.  We also work with many churches and ministry organisations who hire us as an extra part-timer for their team for a short amount of hours per month, so the regular stuff gets done without the large regular staffing costs.   

6. We're a more cost effective Virtual Assistance service - with specialised experience for your unique institution!

The cost of hiring through VCA is much lower than a traditional Virtual Assistant, because we understand the nature and needs of your church or ministry organisation. With VCA you not only get great value, but a personal approach and support unique to your church. We know it's not just another business!

7. We take the stress off you and your ministry team

Our ultimate aim is to help you focus on your ministries, pastor your people and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ by taking away the tasks that are important, but seem to take you away from your main tasks as a pastor.  As christians, we work alongside you with the same motivation and goal as we seek first God's kingdom.


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