Helping our low-tech brothers and sisters.

With everything moved online so quickly, there are those in our congregations who may not have had the chance to keep up. Here are some tips to help those who need it most right now.

One of the many challenges of this season in our churches is the vast array of abilities and access to technology. Whether it is a lack of hardware (devices and internet) or a lack of technological know-how, a large number of individuals in our churches will struggle to participate in online church services.

Something that you as a church can do is provide over the phone tech support for these brothers and sisters who are in this position.

For many of our members even a how-to video, or email will be hard to access and read, and often an overwhelming amount of how-to information creates a barrier rather than a help.

For many of you, your ministry team may be perfectly positioned to provide over the phone assistance and we’d love to help you to do so, as well as encourage you to recruit your congregations to do it also! This is a great chance for pastoral ministry, growth in intergenerational communication, community and edification in this dispersed season.

So with that here are some initial helpful suggestions on how to support people over the phone:

Step 1: Be really nice

This one is not very complicated and I’m sure most people are already on board, but particularly when getting younger people on to do this they need to be reminded about the different methods of communication and cultural differences that come with age.