How To Run An Event Well

The keys to running a great event are simple and effective

So you’ve decided to run an event and you want it to be excellent, seamless, encouraging and God-glorifying. All of this is entirely possible with a few tips (and the help of your awesome Virtual Church Assistant!). You may know about the 6 P’s of success (proper prior preparation prevents poor performance), but here are 6 P’s of event success:

Point of the event

One of the keys to a great event is ensuring that the theme is well defined and engaging. The theme will be one of the initial deciding factors for people to assess whether they want to attend or not. It also allows your guests a chance to come expectant, prepare questions and engage on the topic. 

Point in time

Yes this P really should be T for Timing! There are many timing considerations to make when planning your event – check the date doesn’t clash with any major church or community events, and consider the length of the event. Too many events in one part of the church year may burden the staff, or volunteering laity so ensure events are spread throughout the year. Once you know the date, put it in the church calendar.


If you are bringing in a guest speaker ensure they’re available before you advertise the event. Consider who would be appropria