How to work with a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a Personal and/or Executive Assistant working from a remote location who can help you be more productive. A VA usually works for multiple clients so it's best to work closely and give as much instruction in the beginning so that your VA can be more intuitive to your needs over time. A VA can become an invaluable resource and contribution to your ministry/church/organisation as you delegate tasks and responsibility to free yourself up for other tasks. 

Here are 5 tips to start your working relationship well:

1. Come up with a clear idea about what you want your VA to do

Have a good look at the roles, areas and tasks that make up your job. Brainstorm what you might like to delegate someone else to do. 

Create two lists: 

  • What I can delegate to my VA?

  • What I would like to do when I have more time (thanks to my VA taking on existing work)?

2. Be upfront about your personality and the way you work

It is helpful to recognise for yourself, as well as be able to articulate, how you work. This might include personal quirks, how important you believe your ro