The first 5 things you need to do church admin well

When setting up your admin, here are a few tips that will go a long way to ensuring future success & simplicity

1. A central location 

I’m not talking about a building or a place for your church, but a place for files so all staff and appropriate volunteers can easily access it. Have you asked (or been asked by) a pastor for a piece of information and they have no idea where to find it? They might list a few names of people who might have the document/powerpoint/password details to something with little idea how to access it them self. This is a huge waste of time and efficiency!  

I can not encourage this enough - you need one location where all the appropriate people can access the necessary information they need quickly and easily. 

I personally love Dropbox for its ease of use and the way you can access everything even when offline. You can download Dropbox onto your computer so it sits as a file in your Finder (on a Mac) and whenever you are online it will update any changes to files automatically and is very simple to use. It is absolutely worth the small monthly cost for 1 whole terabyte of stored information! Some other good ones to consider are Google Suite and OneDrive (Microsoft).

2. Management of Church Finances


This one may seem really obvious but you really need a person (or team of people) who will manage the tasks associated with church finances. 

You may have a treasurer and a leadership team who are helping make decisions and doing a great job wisely allocating funds, however you need people who are able to manage the practical tasks that come with managing finances. For example, who’s is keeping track of and paying invoices (on time!)? Is there a system in place for reimbursements and keeping an eye on the budget? Is there someone on top of your staff’s MEA accounts?