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Reaching out, when we’re all inside

As Christians, our great commission is to make disciples of all nations. So we seek to share the good news of the gospel in our community as a church and through our members. But how do we reach out when everyone is inside?

Even before COVID-19 you would have heard about the importance of having an ‘online presence’, but it today’s climate it has become not just important but imperative for churches. There is more to an online presence than a static website that says ‘we’re doing church online’ (even though this is the best place to start). You want to not only quickly and effectively communicate with your congregation but also be a light, a beacon of hope for your community, reaching out and inviting them in.

So how can we use our online spaces to be effective in reaching others outside of our church? It’s daunting to hear, but social media is your most effective tool in these situations. Your email list is wonderful for communicating with current members, but not a place that outsiders will likely end up. With everything about church currently moving online, you have the unique opportunity to invite those not in the church community in for a look.

When it comes to having effective social media, you’ll ideally good looking graphics, clear information, and high interaction rates (people liking, sharing, commenting and therefore seeing your posts). This may be daunting and difficult – there are even diplomas being offered on social media – but it doesn’t have to be!

Having clear information is the easy bit. What is going in your church? What are you offering that people can easily join into?

People are in fear and uncertainty, living in isolation, craving connections. If you can mobilise your congregation to each share the posts and invite their friends you could be surprised by how many new people join in! People who are ‘church curious’ can come and check it out with full anonymity.

Still feeling overwhelmed? We can help!

Easter is coming, and traditionally this is when people make their annual appearance at church, or are more likely to say ‘yes’ when invited. Even though this year it will look different, it doesn’t mean you can’t be inviting people! Within the next few days Virtual Church Assist be launching a range of customisable Easter social media graphics for you and your congregation members to share in the week leading up to Easter.

We are also currently making more general social media graphic packages for you**. Choose a set of images that best reflects your messaging, provide your customisation elements (adding URL/logo) and we will send you a bunch of images that you and your congregation can post directly into Facebook and Instagram to communicate and connect with your community.

So make sure you have subscribed to our newsletter so we can let you know the minute our social media images are available, start pumping up your congregations to get them excited about sharing and inviting their networks and thank God that He is in control and is working all things for His good and glory.

** These are available now! Click here to choose from 37 different image packs you can have customised for your church social media.


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