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Show Some Love To Your Church Staff Team

Your church's staff are working hard to love you during this time. Here are some ideas to help you return the love. Let's continue #viralkindness!

Last week we shared on our Facebook page an article outlining the pressures pastors are under during Covid-19 (you can read it here). As I read over the relational, technical and practical tasks that they are undertaking (in addition to the usual tasks!) it really struck me the emotional, spiritual and physical toll that Covid-19 is having on many of our church leaders right now. And, while I want to first and foremost encourage all christians to pray for your pastors, we've come up with a list of ways you can practically show them some love too.

1. Send a card or write an email

When was the last time you told you pastor that you appreciate them?

For many on staff at a church, often they're only told what needs improving, where there's a problem to be dealt with or if they need to correct themselves in some way. While your pastor is busy making phone calls to congregation members to check in on how they're going or wrestling with technical difficulties, take a minute to tell them how thankful you are for them and encourage them with your words.

2. Cook a meal and drop it around

This is a fantastic one not only for your pastor but also for their spouse and family!

With children being home schooled, phone calls to be made, video chats to be had, church services to be recorded and pastoral issues to be dealt with - having dinner planning and cooking taken care of is a huge blessing!

If you don't love to cook or you don't feel it appropriate to drop over the meal, consider ordering take away and having it delivered for them - this is a great way to show some practical love and care!

3. Treat them to a little surprise

Everyone loves a gift! But for some people the thought behind a gift given is the greatest way they receive and feel love.

You might know your pastor and what they really enjoy and so something can easily think of something perfect that they might really appreciate. But if not, here are a few simple ideas:

- Prepay a coffee for them at their local café (next time they turn up to grab a coffee, the barista will be able to treat them!)

- An Ubereats voucher (meal and surprise gift wrapped into one!)

- Itunes voucher (maybe for the kids or maybe so they can watch a movie and enjoy a night off)

- Your pastor got a hobby they love? Considering buying something online and having it delivered to their house to help them enjoy their hobby more for the days they can switch off.

4. Create a Care Package for the kids

A lot of pastors and their families are living with kids full-time at home with no respite. School/daycare/extra-curricular activities are all cancelled, so they may be spending a lot of time entertaining, educating, coming up with craft ideas, feeling guilty about screen time etc etc etc!

Consider putting together a care package of entertainment for the kids that may be a gift or on loan. Things like:

- puzzles

- games (board or video!)

- craft supplies

- movies

- snacks

- maybe even those scooters/bikes that you might have lying around - would your pastors kids appreciate using them for a while?

5. Be Creative! And ask others to do the same.

Ask others in your church family if they have any ideas and see if you can work together to show your appreciation and love to your pastor and church staff and ministry leaders.

All these things are wonderful and will make your church leader/s feel loved and cared for, but (as I began with) there really is nothing more that you can do than to pray! Uphold them in prayer each day knowing they are working hard to love their flock during this time and can only do so well with the strength that comes from God alone.

Let's come out of this Covid-19 season stronger in faith, in love and as a community under a great God!

Got other ideas? Let us know on our Facebook page or below in the comments!


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