Inviting visitors back to church - it is possible!

How do we invite our local community to join us in the current climate involving fear of close proximity and government restrictions?

You may have read articles like this and this, telling us that Australians are looking to God for answers and calling out to Him as a result of the chaos of 2020. So, we want to be there to point them to Jesus! But how do we do it when our gatherings have to be limited and we've had to place restrictions on how often our church buildings are open due to cleaning requirements to remain Covid Safe?

Thankfully we have a God who is in control, who is present with us, and who has not pressed pause on his mission to seek and save the lost. The commission given to disciples of Christ in Matthew 28 does not stop, pause or take a break. God is using this global pandemic to call his lost children to himself! And as disciples of Christ, it's our privilege to be a part of it.

You may be feeling a little hamstrung as to how to go about this when people are hesitant to gather in larger numbers or to be in close proximity to others at all (not to mention the government regulations we need to adhere to as well!). But here are a few ideas to keep your church on mission and encourage your people to reach out to friends, family and communities with the gospel right now - right in the time when people are seeking answers!

Small events

Consider running events in smaller capacities. This might mean having to provide the same event multiple times to be able to fit all people who want to come along, however it does not have to be a huge amount of energy to pull off! People are longing to reconnect and are wanting to feel part of community again - running small, low-key events are better than not having anything at all. Events at a small capacity, that are well thought out but with low resources and high gospel content, can have a really big impact!

Some examples you might considering running: — midweek evangelistic courses — events for those in particular life stages/demographics — outdoor gatherings (where possible)