The benefits of social media for churches & ministries

Through social media you can shape the story of who you are, engage those who aren't a part of your community and enrich the experience of those who are.

Social Media has become a serious buzz word, synonymous with growth and explosive

marketing. Most anyone anywhere will tell you that you need social media, perhaps without

being able to really tell you why. While the days of free explosive marketing on Facebook are

probably done, there is still untapped value for those who aren't engaging on social media.

Consistent social presence, even as little as 2 - 3 posts per week, benefits both your current

congregation and the broader community by increasing clarity and improving


Your current congregation

Even if they're at the service on Sunday where you announce the upcoming games night,

people need reminders for what is going on, as well as confidence in the details. For your

current congregation, it's important to be consistently posting updates, upcoming event

details, photos that show how events went or content relevant to the current series.

This helps by;

  • enabling them to share and invite their friend/family to what is going on at Church

  • take social ownership of their membership to church easily by being able to interact with tagged photos and videos

  • know where to find information easily, making it more likely they will attend 'extras';